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    Posted on 27th November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.
    Mohair locks from and Angora Goat

    Angora Goat (Mohair)

     Angora Goat Fibre Test : Is part of my fleece experiment .


    Angora Goat  : This is where mohair comes from and is native to Turkey, their name taken from the word Ankara which is the ancient name for Turkey.


      Mohair-Adult (Dyed) :  From www.crookabeckfarm.co.uk in the Lake District.


    Photo from wikipedia


    This is a lovely soft puff-ball of fibre although you can still make out individual curls which measured at 3 – 4ins.


    Mohair fibre from fleece locks

    Mohair Fibre


    I thought because of the curls this would give me more of a boucle effect singles.  I spun this woollen and the result was really lovely, soft and smooth.  The Navajo ply did show up the odd wisp of curls, but all in all a nice finish.


    Mohair yarn from Angora Goat

    Mohair Yarn


    I started with a 3.25mm needle, then after 3 rows I decided a 3mm would do it, but after another 3 rows I gave in and settled on the 2.75 for this sample.  It has given me mostly even fabric but with the odd raised bump. 



    Mohair Knitted Sample


    It is a surprisingly smooth fuzzy fabric, and I think the odd curl adds to it’s attractiveness.  I would definitely bypass the combing stage again for a project where I wanted some texture so I give it an 8/10 for this experiment.


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