• Bluefaced Leicester Swaledale

    Posted on 26th November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.
    British rare breed Bluefaced Leicester

    Bluefaced Leicester Mule

    Swaledale British sheep breed



    Bluefaced Leicester/Swaledale Fibre Test : Part of my Fleece Experiment 


    Swaledale :  This breed was first registered just after the First World War in the Yorkshire Moors and Bluefaced Leicester evolved during the last century in East Cumbria.



    Bluefaced Leicester/Swaledale (Dyed)Fleece :  From fleece sale @ Woolfest – no name attached . 

    Photo from British breeds poster www.rbst.org.uk. 





    This staple measuring 3 – 4.5ins has a more open wavy crimp compared to the Bluefaced Leicester pure breed and has a nice soft puff of fibre.


    Fleece fibre and locks of British sheep

    Bluefaced Leicester/Swaledale Fibre


    I spun the singles woollen style which was quite smooth with the odd bump along the way.  When Navajo plied it looked even smoother and gave a good looking yarn.


    Singles and navajo plied yarn

    Bluefaced Leicester /Swaledale Yarn


    This was knitted on a 3.5mm needle and gives a lovely flat even fabric.  Not as soft as the Bluefaced Leicester Mule but soft enough. 


    British breed sheep knitted sample

    Bluefaced Leicester/Swaledale Knitted Sample

    I think I might actually prefer to spin with this cross and I would bypass the carding/combing stage again, depending on the project.  So I give it a 7/10 for this experiment.


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