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    Posted on 23rd November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.
    Shhep from New Zealand


    Corridale Fibre Test : Part of my Fleece Experiment .


    Corridale :  Native to New Zealand by crossing a British Lincoln Longwool and a Merino.


    Corriedale Fleece From :  “Trish Springate, Picked Watton Farm”. 

    Photo from wikipedia


    This is a beautiful golden fleece with lovely long locks that came in at 5 – 6ins and will make a really nice garment.  It teased out very easily, but I wonder because the locks are really long, if it will be possible to spin a smooth yarn…


    Fibre fiber fleece

    Corriedale Fibre


    This did actually spin quite smooth so I used a semi- worsted method of spinning, but although I washed it the same as the others it was still quite tacky and was getting stuck to my fingers which was quite annoying!  So I would give this one an extra wash next time and I think it would be fine.


    Singles yarn and navajo plied yarn

    Corriedale Yarn


    It came out nice when Navajo plied, although it did show up some of the unevenness.


    Knitting with Corriedale yarn

    Corriedale Knitted Sample


    I knitted this sample in 4mm needles and it came out in a nice smooth fabric that will make a lovely sweater.  I think I might even be able to wear this next to my skin?  It’s not the same type of soft like the Bluefaced Leicester but it is lovely and if that’s not possible for some people then you would still be able to wear it as hat and gloves.  Really lovely sample!

    If an extra wash fixed the tackiness of this fleece I would probably bypass the carding stage again and go straight to spinning so I give it a 7/10 for this experiment.


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