• Huacaya Alpaca

    Posted on 19th November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.

    Huacaya Alpaca



    Huacaya Alpaca Fibre Test : Native to South America but a lot living in Britain now


    Huacaya Alpaca Fleece From: “Carol Summers at Moorcock Hall” fleece sale @ Woolfest.   


    Photo my own


    What a lovely fleece this is with staples measuring 3 – 5.5ins.  It teased out easily into a soft fuzzy ball and there was very little static, which I thought would be a problem initially as I usually get a lot when carding or combing Alpaca.


    Fibre and staples from the Alpaca

    Huacaya Alpaca Fibre


    It was really quite easy to spin as a semi worsted type yarn, there was the odd wispy bit which you have to expect from any of them really, considering the way I’m preparing them for this experiment.  I also used some shorter and longer staples together, so I was surprised at how nice it turned out to be.


    Alpaca yarn Navajo plied

    Huacaya Alpaca Yarn


    It smoothed out even more to give a nicely rounded Navajo ply, it was lovely to knit so beautiful and soft on your fingers.  I used 4mm needles and the result is a nice flat knitted swatch.


    Knitting Alpaca

    Huacaya Alpaca Knitted Sample


    I would even consider using this method again with this Alpaca when I go to do a bigger project and just bypass the carding/combing stage altogether!  The results so far have been really surprising I didn’t think the samples would knit up so smooth. This fleece gets a 10/10 for this experiment.


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