My Journey


Cheeviot sheep

North Country Cheeviot

My journey in to fibre

I started work full-time in a factory when I was 16 while paying my way through college, were I did night classes and day release.  I have an HND with merit in “Fashion & Design” and “Pattern Making” &”Pattern Grading” for Tailoring.

I later designed and made Wedding Dresses, at the same time working in the Bridal and Tailoring industry.


I had to stop work following an injury I got in a bus smash.  While recovering but not yet mobile, I picked up some knitting needles and later a crochet hook – I haven’t put them down since!  My mum taught me how to knit when I was younger, but I had no interest at the time.  I was amazed I still remembered 20 years later, although I did have to phone and ask her  how to cast off again.  A few years of enjoying knitting and crocheting then lead me to think about how yarn was constructed and where it came from.  And there began my fascination for sheep and fibre!

Hand spun wool

Handspun Yarn

I have enjoyed sewing for most of my life as my mum started teaching me when I was 5 years old (she used to run the training school at Levi’s for years).  Over the last 15 years I have attended many courses to learn more about spinning, knitting, crocheting, needle & wet felting, Dyeing, loom & tapestry weaving and art taking a lot of my inspirations from nature.

rigid heddle weaving

Warping The Heddle






If you would like to find out more about my process for making these items, then have a read at my Blog or check out the “My Process” page.  Or if you’d like to commission me to do something special for you, please find details on the “T’s & C’s” page.  

A Yarn Bowl & my hand dyed/spun Cheeviot

A Yarn Bowl & my hand dyed/spun Cheeviot