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    Posted on 5th September 2013 by Shelley in Fibre Tools Tech.



    Arrival of my new Majacraft Auara.

    I Have just received my new Majacraft Aura, and isn’t she beautiful! I have been working my way up to this for years, to own a Majacraft  spinning wheel. I tried the Suzie-Pro years ago when I got my Ashford Joy, but it was way out of my league. I had just started spinning for a start, and when I sat at the Joy it just felt right, and my sample of spinning looked the best done on the Joy. It was an ex display model and back then cost me £300 which was a lot of money, but I had saved up most of that anyway, so I bought it. I think it was about 7 years ago now, but not quite sure and I remember looking at the Suzie-Pro and thinking “I am going to own one of them at some point in my life and hopefully when I’m a better spinner.

    So when I attended Woolfest this year I headed straight for the “Hedgehog Equipment” stall, because it is the only place that I can actually try a Majacraft out.  I live in Scotland and the only place that sold them, doesn’t any more.  I tried  the the Suzie-pro and it was great, although it was an older model not the current version.  I then went and tried the ” Schatch Ladybug” as  I’ve always loved the look of them. It was a lovely little wheel, I would say it was on-par with the Joy.

    Later in the afternoon I was  wondering past the Hedgehog stand again when Mr. Hedgehog told me that the people who designed the Majacraft wheels were here and  would I like to meet them, since I had already shown an interest.  I sat next to Mrs. Majacraft who was on the Suzie-pro while I had a try  at  the Aura, so that I could ask her a few questions and get a bit of advice.  It was a BIG mistake!  I think I only had to treddle 3 or 4 times and I knew I was in LOVE!!  I lusted after Suzie for so long and then Poof it was gone just like that, so sorry Suzie…

    Stylus on a wheel

    Stylus- how it looks on a wheel

    I have got to say it is in a class of it’s own and there is so much scope that you shouldn’t ever need another wheel, and you should be able to make every type of yarn possible.  Mrs. Majacraft was so friendly and god can she spin!  She also gave me a demo of the new stylist flyer which was so weird to look at, but very interesting to watch.  It’s a faster way of drop spindling.

    Both Mr. &Mrs. Hedgehog have been  really great.   I bought my first drum carder from them many years ago at Woolfest,

    it was a great workhorse.  I  contacted Sarah (Mrs. Hedgehog) and we talked back and forth until I was ready to buy.  M 🙂

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