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Colour Technique’s


The Essential Guide To Colour Knitting Techniques   By Margaret Radcliffe

This is a really good informative book, with lovely colour photograghy.  For each method there is a large colour photo of the swatch and a paragraph explaining how it’s done and what to look out for, followed by written instruction and chart.  There are a couple of patterns to try throughout the book, but it’s much more of a teaching book.  Your also given advice and technique’s on “finishing touches”, Intarsia, double knitting and understanding colour.

I find her instruction easy to follow and although this book was originally published in America in the 1980’s, it does not feel dated at all.  I didn’t realise this until now, but I actually have quite a few books by Margaret Radcliffe, so I guess I do like her work and they way she teaches.


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1000 Artisan Textiles By Sandra Salamony & Gina M Brown

This is such a gorgeous book and I think everyone should own a copy.  The standard of quality in this book is very high, it might not all be to my taste, but there is a lot of amazing stuff in here.  It’s a great book for inspiration, and to see other artist’s use of colour and textiles.  There are different categories like “Fashion Accessories” and “Tapestry & Display Art” or “Art quilts“  to name a few.   The items in the photo are from the “Fashion Accessories” chapter.




Good Book

Good Book

Circular Knitting Workshop By Margaret Radcliffe

I really enjoyed this book, and it’s one that I go back to. It’s been designed very well. The photos are lovely and the diagrams are easy to understand and I think the layout is terrific. I was already knitting in the round long before this book came out. But she had a few things to teach me or remind me of. I really like how she did miniature versions of the patterns, because it meant you could try out the technique, but don’t have to do a full garment.

Sometimes people are daunted by that. I don’t usually go in for pattern books and rarely knit them, but I like books that can teach me something and most of them will still give you a few patterns to try at the end. I loved Margaret’s half fingered gloves worked from the fingers up, so you can try them on as you go and get the right sized fingers.



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Pretty good book

The Essentials Edging Collection   By Nicky Epstein

This is another really lovely book from Nicky and there are quite a few variations in there I would never of thought of.  There’s lots of inspiration here for everyone under different topics like, ruffles, cords, ribs and fringes to name but a few. I would get this book instead of her “Knitted Embellishments”, as the 500 has more in it, and quite a lot of the embellishments are in there anyway.

The only negative thing I have to say is that you could be put off by some of the stitch patterns, because they just look like rows & rows of words.  But it’s great for ideas.