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    Posted on 5th May 2014 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.

    Metamorphosis  –  28 Days

    Because of the gradient...

    This lasts for 2 weeks of every month…


    This was fun to do, but because I was doing so many colour changes there was a lot of weaving in the ends at the back.  I decided that I would weave about 5 inches at a time and then weave in the ends at the back before starting the next section, that way I could cope as the thought of doing them all at the end was really off-putting.     

    You can see the gradients of colour

    The rage & spitefulness the turmoil in the pit of your stomach.



    I planned it all out on a sheet of paper the same size as what the finished tapestry would be and worked out all the gradients of colour.   Then I wove a sample piece to check that it was what I wanted.  I then placed all the beads and spikes on my table so I could see them as I worked and decided where to put them as I went along.

    This is the sampler I prepared.

    This is the sampler I prepared.

    I as usual had Lola helping out, creating more chaos as she walked all over the beads and threads just to                                            

    Lola checking the warp

    Lola checking the warp


    check my warp was strong enough!

    This is my description of 28 Days.                                                                                                                                                    

    From the calms going into...

    From the calms going into…

    Metamorphosis of a woman’s 28 day Menstrual Cycle.  It is a description of the pain we suffer through PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) and the change in mood and character that we go through each month.  I have experienced this every month since I was 13 years old, and although it effect’s us all in different way’s I think my tapestry is a true representation of what I sometimes feel. 


    It gives the description of the highs and lows, the anxiety, headaches, cramps, euphoria, exhaustion and anger, which can feel like they all happen at the same time.  (My husband tends to agree….)  

    This is the sad and depressing feelings

    The sad and depressing feelings



    My tapestry starts from the calm blue – greens and works its way into the reds and back down into the calm colours again.  Woven in are different types of beads, spikes and yarn to represent the highs and lows, but also the change in character.

    This is me relaxed going into flustered.

    This is me relaxed going into flustered.



    shelley mac

    I warped it to the actual frame....

    I warped it to the actual frame….



    I forgot to take a photo of the finished result before it was sent off, but I’m hoping someone at the gallery is going to take one and send it to me soon…  

    Details of both exhibitions.

    Details of both exhibitions.


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