Shelley Mac

Designer & Artist

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Cabled Hat

Created by knitting the cable in one direction, then picking up the stitches along the edge and knitting in another direction. I added a lovely wooden buckle which goes great with the ruffle edge.

Fleece to Finish

Showing you from the beginning to the end in processing my unique woolen products. From rare breed sheep to becoming a highly textured, colourful and unique item, all designed and created by me.

Knitted Ragdoll

Rowan is from Scotland she loves music and the outdoors especially rock climbing. Her Fair Isle sweater and hand woven skirt with cute Kilt-pin were specially designed for her.

Roma Knitted Bag

This bag has all different sizes of crocheted flowers dotted all around it. It has a fresh floral lining which gives the bag a romantic dainty look and adds to it's unique character.

Please be patient while we totally revamp my site, the way we do things will be changing, the price system will change, there will be more Art based products and this could take some time.