• Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

    Posted on 25th November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.
    British rare breed Bluefaced Leicester

    Bluefaced Leicester Mule

     Bluefaced Leicester Fibre Test : Is part of my fleece experiment .

    Bluefaced Leicester : Evolved during the last century in East Cumbria.

     Bluefaced Leicester Mule (Dyed) :  Fleece from www.townheadfarm.net or find them on www.facebook.com/TownheadFarm in Helensburgh, Scotland. 


    Photo from British sheep & wool book.




    This was quite hard to tease the individual fibres out into a fluffy ball, as the staples were tightly crimped and measured 3.5 – 5ins.


    Dyed fleece and fibre fiber

    Bluefaced Leicester Dyed Fibre


    When spinning it was hard on my drafting fingers, this might have been because it had that extra stage in there of dyeing first, but I’m not sure.  I decided a short forward draw was best for this sample and it did however make quite a smooth singles yarn.


    Dyed singles and navajo plied yarn

    Bluefaced Leicester Yarn


    I got a nice result from the Navajo ply which ended up with a relatively smooth yarn.  There was the odd bump, but really there wasn’t many at all.


    knitted Bluefaced Leicester fabric

    Bluefaced Leicester Knitted Sample


    I used a 3.25mm needle for this sample and it has created a nice fabric although I think if I had done this sample in the one colour it would be more noticeably smooth.  I think I could possibly wear this next to my skin, but I would probably card or comb it for my next project as it was quite sore on my hands bypassing that stage, or perhaps dye it at a later stage. This experiment gives it a 5/10


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