Shelley Mac Dolls

Creatively Designed & Hand Crafted Knitted Dolls    Their insides are all 100% Pure British Wool, all outfits are designed especially for each dolls character. I am no longer making made-to-order dolls, I will mark which ones I have available on the gallery.  Please click on a photo for more information and to start slide show. 


The knitted dolls come in various sizes:

Medium = 25 inch (64 cm) about the size of a 1 year old

Large = 29 inch (74 cm) about the size of a 2-3 year old

Ex-Large = 34/36 inch (86 cm) about the size of a 4 -5 year old

These are approximate measurements as each doll is unique.  They are all individually designed, hand crafted and each has an original outfit.  They have their own character because each face is hand drawn and stitched. I choose the hair once the face is finished to see what she suits best.   When the dolls are finished they sit for a while until I find the name and character that suits them.