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    Posted on 26th November 2015 by Shelley in Spinning Weaving Fibre.
    Texel sheep breed Holland


    Texel X Hebridean Fibre Test : Is part of my Fleece Experiment

    Texel :  Originates from the Island of Texel on the north West Coast of Holland and has been in the UK from 1970.  

    Hebridean British rare breed sheep


    Hebridean :  Native to The Hebridean Islands off the West coast of Scotland since the 9th century.

    Texel X Hebridean :  From “Stapleton’s, Mill Hill, Bishop Auckland” from fleece sale @ Woolfest

    Photos from rbst poster & British sheep & wool book.





    I was surprised at just how soft this fleece was and a beautiful rich dark brown.  It teased out well into a nice soft fibre ball of fluff.


    Texel and Hebridean fibre and staple from fleece

    Texel X Hebridean Fibre


    I had used a mixture of short and really short fibres coming in at 2 – 3.5ins, which I think is why I ended up with a really lumpy bumpy singles, there was no way this was going to be nice and smooth so I opted for a short forward draw.  After Navajo plying the yarn did look a lot better but still rather uneven.


    Singles and navajo plied yarn

    Texel X Hebridean Yarn


    What a lovely surprise when I finished knitting the sample, as it looked great and it didn’t show up any of the bumps really!  I think a lot of that is to do with the lovely dark brown colour and probably quite a bit to do with the needle size, as I started on a 3mm, then changed to 3.5mm and settled on 4mm needles.  It certainly looks smoother on the larger needle even although it is still a tightly compacted fabric.


    Knitted fabric from Texel Hebridean yarn

    Texel X Hebridean Knitted Sample


    I would bypass the carding stage on this again if I were making a garment for everyday use, but not if I were making something special.  So for this experiment I give it a 6/10


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